Hallet, Davis & Co. can trace its origins to the year 1835. It was among the oldest of the historic Boston piano companies. Many world-famous pianists have chosen Hallet, Davis & Co. as their favorite piano. The world-renown composer Franz Liszt played on one at the great Paris exposition in 1867.


4’8” Wireless Player Grand Polished Ebony, Bench Included


Hallet, Davis offers the pianist a beautiful and satisfying tone, proper touch and response, and reliable and consistent performance, all at a very affordable price.

Add PianoDisc’s iQ-Flex player system and you have live piano music in your home or your baby grand piano from artists like Ben Folds, Carol King, Billy Joel, Elton John, and Alicia Keys. Solo classic piano, a jazz band or full orchestra, turn any piano into a player and musical entertainment center.