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KAWAI... one of the finest names in pianos.

If you've been looking for a high quality piano, do yourself a favor and compare a Kawai piano before you buy.

" Kawai grands are often sought after by classical pianists as a less-expensive alternative to a Steinway or other high-end piano." Quote from Larry Fine's PianoBuyer.

Every element of a Kawai upright piano is crafted with meticulous skill and care. Kawai artisans begin with the finest materials and create each instrument with a harmonious blend of advanced technology and old-world craftsmanship. The result embodies the passionate quest for excellence that has characterized three generations of Kawai family leadership.

Here you will find an impressive collection of Kawai upright pianos, from our acclaimed K Series Professional Uprights and stunning FINO Interior Design pianos to our attractive designer consoles and sturdy institutional studio pianos. There is a Kawai upright piano to meet every taste, budget and musical requirement all offering the proven assurance of Kawai quality.

Over the past eighty years, Kawai has earned a reputation for outstanding quality and workmanship in the crafting of world-class musical instruments. Today, Kawai acoustic and digital pianos are a top choice of pianists, teachers, churches, students and piano enthusiasts around the globe. Our skillful blending of traditional piano craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology and materials has brought about the finest selection of grand, upright, digital and professional stage pianos available today. We invite you to explore our collection of world-renowned instruments. The perfect piano awaits you.

High quality pianos, expert advice and the best prices on Kawai pianos - EVERYDAY.

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Kawai GX-2 BLAK Grand Piano

Kawai GE-30 Grand Piano

Kawai GM11 Grand Piano in Baltimore

K-Series Upright Pianos


K-Series Upright

Kawai UST-9 Institution Upright Piano

K300 ATX2 Full Acoustic Hybrid

Kawai K200-ATX2 Full Acoustic Hybrid

CS10PE Digital Hybrid Piano in Baltimore

CA95 Digital Hybrid Piano in Baltimore

Kawai Digital Console Piano

CN35 Digital Piano

Kawai CN25R

Kawai Artistic Distinction

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Kawai Pianos Baltimore Baltimore Upright Piano Digital Piano Baltimore
Kawai Piano Recording System Grand Piano in Church

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We carry a wide selection of Kawai Pianos at very competitve prices. Kawai does not permit dealers to quote prices other than in person. We suggest that you get your best price, then call 410-647-3442 to make an appointment to see us.