Pasadena Music Lessons

Why Jason's School of Music

Obviously we think Jason's School of Music is the best possible place to take lessons, but why should you choose us?

Here's what makes our lessons different.

Personalization : Jason's School Of Music is founded on the same principals as our local home school community. We believe in treating each student as an individual with a unique learning style. Everyone is different. You may want to play Beethoven or Maroon 5, Little Mermaid, Alicia Keys or Metallica. Our teachers use your goals to tailor your learning experience. We will adjust your lessons based on your strengths and weaknesses.

So you've never had lessons, or aren't sure you can be a musician? We'll help you with those things. Let us help you build confidence in your music and art. Enjoyment: Lessons should be fun. Our teachers are friendly, encouraging and committed from the heart to having each student enjoy learning the art of music. Choosing your own music ensures that your lesson will be a fun, personalized experience.

Progress : Every element of a teacher's instruction is geared to making music as soon as possible. We'll help you to set goals based on your specific interests and abilities and to accomplish those goals through project-based learning.

Relevance : Music changes over time, by the century, decade, and year. Current music, the hits you heard this morning are in many, just as good as any other music ever written. We want you to play you r music, to enjoy the music you like right now. Sure, we'll try to expand your tastes, but we actually do believe that rock, blues, country, hymns, soul, metal, and any music that "speaks" to you is valid and worth serious study, especially when combined with good technique and a kmowledge of music theory. Personal Success : Wouldn't it be great to take lessons from someone who believed you could be awesome, world-class, and really perform songs well? In a place that encouraged you to be your best? We believe you can do it. We believe you can make beautiful, cool music. We believe that with guidance and practice, all students can learn to play better than they ever imagined. Maybe even be amazing!

By using Personalization, Enjoymen t, Progress, Relevance, and Personal Success, we believe we have a teaching program that will consistently culminate in your personal musical success.

And that's what Jason's School of Music is committed to.

We provide music lessons for:

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Keyboard

Call our Pasadena store today at (410) 647-3442 and learn more about our award-winning musical instruction!