Band Instrumental Rental In Baltimore

Risk-Free Renting in Baltimore

Looking for band instrument rentals? Jasons Music Center is the place for you! We rent an extensive line of band instruments at prices that you can afford. With free exchanges, a damage waiver that protects against theft and damage, and repairs and accessories for the instruments right here at our store, you can rest assured knowing that you rented from the right place.

We offer many band instruments for rent, including:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Flute
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Clarinet
  • Snare
  • Bells

Learning to play an instrument provides a valuable social experience and even cognitive advantages for individuals of all ages. Instrumental rental offers a risk-free chance to take music lessons without the need for an upfront investment on behalf of parents or school districts. Jasons Music Center is proud to provide our community with instrument rentals near Baltimore, MD, to meet all your musical equipment needs.

Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Numerous studies have shown the cognitive benefits of listening to music. However, playing an instrument takes these benefits one step further. Whether participating in a school band or taking private music lessons, playing an instrument:

  • engages nearly every area of the brain at once. The areas responsible for vision, hearing, and motor skills are all used simultaneously, giving the brain a "full-body workout" that improves overall cognitive function.
  • improves specific mental abilities, including memory, planning ability, and attention to detail, which can benefit musicians in every aspect of life.
  • offers a unique opportunity for socialization, both through shared interests and shared activities. Playing in a school band or other musical group can also help to build teamwork and cooperative skills, as musicians work together to create harmony on many levels.
  • cultivates improved self-discipline, coordination, concentration, and can even help to reduce mental stress.

Caring for Your Instrument

Keeping your instrument in great shape will ensure you always get the very best performance from it. Caring for your rental instrument is simple:

  • Keep your instrument in its case when you are not playing it. Avoid leaving your instrument out, as it can easily be damaged or knocked over by accident.
  • Clean your instrument each time you disassemble it to put it away. Your instrument rental center can show you how to clean your specific instrument. If you use a spit rag, wash your rag regularly to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Take care with your instrument when it is in its case. Although the case is designed to protect the instrument, avoid banging or dropping it during handling. Never place anything on top of your instrument case, including books or schoolbags.
  • Avoid letting anyone else play your instrument, as this can transfer bacteria or viruses from one person to another and also puts the instrument at risk due to improper handling.
  • If your instrument is damaged, don't try to make repairs yourself. Contact your music center for professional repairs or replacement.

Renting a band instrument from Jasons Music Center is a risk-free opportunity, and the contract ends immediately when you return the instrument to us. Your rental fee will also apply to the purchase if you end up deciding to buy the rented instrument. Jasons Music Center offers free exchanges, a damage waiver to protect against damage or theft, and repairs for school band rental instruments in Pasadena, MD. Contact us today by calling (410) 647-3442 to learn more about our music store!