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Used Pianos

We "OPTIMIZE" each piano to make each piano sound and respond at peak performance levels. Our experienced technicians go over your piano before and after purchase to adjust "fine voicing and regulation," This gets you the best sound and touch customized to your home


They sell quickly, so if your looking for a quality, pre-owned piano, give us a call for information on our most current inventory.


Steinway Rebuilt Hamburg-made Model A2

6’2” Satin Rosewood, Marching Artist Bench Included

This lovely grand piano, originally made by Steinway & sons in 1899 in their  Hamburg, Germany factory (Serial#93889), has been meticulously rebuilt in 2001  by “1066 Pianos”, Cambridge England, to their exacting standards. Stop dreaming and own it for less than half price! The Steinway Model A is noted for its power, subtlety, finesse at pianissimo,  dynamic fortissimo, control in repeating notes or trilling. Packaged in an elegant,  rosewood case, with a finely scrolled music desk and carved legs with recessed casters.


Yamaha U1

48" Profeassional Upright - Rebuilt

Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician. Rebuilt with New pins, New strings, New felts. This piano has outstanding tone, touch and power. Looks new.

Sojin DG-1

Baby Grand, Polished Ebony - 1987

If you‘ve got room for an upright, you‘ve got room for this grand!  Looks new. Own a grand piano without breaking the bank! $4995


Joseph Pramberger had a vision to recapture the sound characteristics of a “Golden Era” Steinway. The highest grade upright piano designed by Joseph Pramberger. Thunderous bass, sparking treble and incredibly responsive action. Housed in a gorgeouse inlaid case.


Baldwin Acrosonic
Decorator Spinet, Satin Walnut - pre-owned

This piano is beautiful, with its rich walnut cabinet and stylized music 

rack, enhancing your home before a single key is struck.

Who hasn’t 

heard of Baldwin? 



Opus II

5' 4" Baby Grand - Polished Mahogany - 2005

This polished mahogany grand piano is perfect for the advanced student or returning pianist. Beautiful case, great tone and responsive touch.


42" Console - French Provincial Walnut - 1982

Parents looking to buy a first piano for their child and more advanced pianists wanting more string length than a console piano. 

  • Warranty
  •  In-home tuning
  •  In-home regulation
  •  Bench

Yamaha U3

52” Professional Upright Polished Ebony, Rebuilt

The tallest of the Yamaha uprights. Designed for the experience 

pianist and professional musician. Rebuilt with new pins, new strings, 

and new felts. This piano has even touch with powerful bass and brilliant 

highs that come from the large soundboard and long string length. 

Looks like new. Plays like new.

Kohler & Campbell Studio Piano

45" Studio Upright - Satin Walnut - 1979

Parents looking to buy a first piano for their child and more advanced pianists wanting more string length than a console piano. 

Steinway K52

52" Professional Upright - Satin Ebony - Reconditioned

Handcrafted in the same factory as Steinways’ grand pianos, using the same techniques, conditioning processes, and craftsmen. This upright piano includes a  Diaphragmatic soundboard and sounds incredible.


    Young Chang G185

    6' 1” Conservatory Grand - Satin Ebony - 1992

    This satin ebony  grand piano plays like new. It has a clean, clear bell like tone and it is big enough to fill a large sized room. One of the best G-185 pianos we’ve seen. 

    Kimball Prelude P433

    42” Upright - French Provincial Cherry - 1992

    Crafted in Chicago with great custom-cabinet work. even touch  and warm tone!


    Baldwin Hamilton 243

    45” Studio Upright - Satin Oak - 1985


    he best selling studio piano of all time! Just like the one you used 

    at your university! 

     This instrument will provide decades of musical enjoyment in your home.

    Knabe Pre-Owned Baby Grand

    5’4”, Matching Bench Included

    Knabe pianos, Made in Baltimore, on the site of Camden Yards, are known for their distinctively mellow and warmly melodic sounds. This classic piano has been refurbished, has unsurpassed resonance and has been carefully regulated to produce a consistent tonal quality and touch throughout the scale


    Mason & Hamlin Model A

    5’8” Artist Grand Satin Mahogany – Rebuilt, Matching Bench Included

    The handmade Mason & Hamlin Model A. This piano has been restored and brought back to its original condition. A rebuilt Mason & Hamlin classic. It has enormous volume and tone that compares to much larger grand pianos at an entry level price.


    Baldwin Hamilton 5042 - 1993

    44” Queen Anne Cherry, Matching Bench Included

    This Baldwin piano showcases American craftsmanship and 

    artistry along with Baldwin’s storied history and experience as 

     one of the top American piano manufacturers of the 20th century.


    Pramberger JP-208 - 2000

    6’10” Platinum Series, Matching Bench Included

    A beautiful high end piano, built on a Bechstein scale, asymmetrically tapered soundboard and maple rim.Joseph Pramberger had a vision to recapture the sound characteristics of a “Golden Era” Steinway. Only about fifty JP185's were produced due to the limited amount of Santos Rosewood that was available to meet the exacting demands of Joseph Pramberger.


    Kawai GE-1

    5' 1” Baby Grand - Polished Ebony - 1985

    This beautiful, polished ebony Kawai grand is all original and is in perfect condition. Featuring an ultra-responsive action, this instrument produces a rich, clear tone.


    Kawai CP117-R
    Concert Performer Digital Ensemble Upright - School Loan Program

    Terrific features, a large display and authentic sounds 

    make the CP117 a terrific choice for performers, churches, 

    schools and serious hobbyists.


    Baldwin Acrosonic 2080 - 1993

    43” Traditional Mahogany, Matching Bench Included

    This instrument has a wonderful tone and will provide decades of musical enjoyment in your home.  


    Samick SG140

    4' 7” Baby Grand - 1993

    If you’re looking for a nice little baby grand at a lower than average price, then your search is over. It will fill your home with beautiful music without breaking the budget. This beautiful 
    satin ebony baby grand was made by Samick in Korea. It is in barely used condition and has excellent tone and touch for its size.

    Kawai BL31

    49” Professional Upright Polished Ebony, Rebuilt

    The BL 31, 49” upright is a nice piano with a rounder tone 

    than a Yamaha U1, This high-quality K-500 predecessor is 

    designed to offer both the beginner and advanced pianist 

    the superior tone and touch.


    Yamaha M302

    42” Decorator Upright - Walnut - 1992

    Designed to offer both the beginner and more advanced pianist superior tone and touch. If you've been looking   for a rich sounding piano with a very responsive touch without breaking the bank, don’t pass this one by!

    Kawai K5

    49” Professional Upright - Polished Ebony - 2013

    Amazing power, dynamic range and tonal richness to meet the musical demands 


    Young Chang PF110
    44” Decorator Upright, Satin Ebony -1998

    A beautiful, like new, satin oak, professional upright piano 

    that will fit into any home.


    Bergmann BTG175

    5’ 9” Studio Grand - Polished Ebony - 2004

    A polished ebony studio size grand piano that is the right size to fit into any home.

    • Parts & Labor Warranty
    • In-Home tuning
    • In-Home regulation

    Kawai CE-7
    43” Upright - Polished Mahogany - Refurbished.

    The CE-7 upright piano provides pianists with an excellent 

    introduction to Kawai quality. Featuring a solid spruce 

    soundboard and the highly regarded Ultra-Responsive™ 

     action, this instrument produces a rich, clear tone.


    Yamaha G1


    ' 3” Classic Grand - Satin Walnut - 1981

    Gorgeous reconditioned satin walnut grand piano that’s suitable for any studio or living room. Besides its beautiful appearance this piano is a first class musical instrument with a touch that is smooth and responsive and tone that is crisp and even.